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ANTALYA / TURKEY is a provider of Quality service for all ship owners in the world such as general provision, deck, engine,cabin stores, repair of electric & electronic equipments, marine paint, chemical and tolls ,stationary and medicine, spare part of main engine, ship spare in transit service ect…

We specialize in Cargo, Cruise and Army ship supplies, Ship Repairs and Stores Transiting and Delivering of Third Party Goods Warehousing and Logistics. Bulk Buying and Stocking give us the possibility to offer to both ships owners managers caterers & importers, products and services at bargain prices below market prices.

We pride ourselves in the ability to provide our customers with high quality service at most competitive prices, while contributing in a significant way to trade flows between developed and emerging Nations. This is achieved thanks to our worldwide contacts with our sourcers, our use of up to date technology and our membership in all major Associations in this sector.

The concept of quality is accepted as the first and most important principle including honesty, trustworthyness and best practice standards of corporate governance together by ensuring the quality of our services.

Our company accepted offering value added specialized service to customers as a basic principle in order to remain competitive and ensure the sustainable profitability.

Providing a sustainable and controllable growth in an atmosphere with continuous learning dynamics,liberty to develop and express ideas and ability to follow up and harmonize innovations is accepted as one of our basic principles.

• Business Strategy
• Just in time focus
• High quality products
• Effective customer management
• Respect to people and environment
• Commitment to quality
• Competitive Strengths
• Fixed assets
• Experienced management board
• Diverse and dynamic workforce

We look forward to start with you, a long and durable business relationship, beneficial for all parties.

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